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Deed of Separation or Judicial Separation?

DEED OF SEPARATION A deed of separation is a legally binding contract setting out the terms on which a married couple or civil partners agree that they will live separately. The deed usually contains an express agreement to live apart and deals with other issues such as agreed arrangements on […]

Obtaining An Annulment

Civil annulment / Nullity of marriage is a legal declaration by the court which states a marriage never actually existed in the eyes of the law. It is not the same as a divorce as no legal rights are attributed to either spouse following the annulment. CAN I APPLY FOR […]

Feeling Trapped in a Legal System Riddled with Flaws?

As a strong advocate of fathers rights, I am becoming more and more frustrated by the level of inefficiency in our legal system. I had a client earlier in the week who wanted me to make an application for access to his 3 week old baby (Baby D) – it […]

The importance of making a Will

What is a Will? A Will is a testamentary document in which a person, known as the Testator (male) or Testatrix (female) sets out his or her wishes in relation to certain matters which are to take place after that person’s death. Who can make a Will? All adults of […]

“Until Debt Do Us Part” – Divorcing in Ireland

I remember reading an article in a magazine some years ago that talked about some of the reasons couples decided to separate and ultimately get divorced in Ireland. One of the main causes for a relationship breakdown as set out in that article was debt. It suggested that debt was […]